Lectures and Readings


Lecture 1: Introduction to Sustainable Development
by Lars Rydén
14 February 2024

Lecture 2: Resource Flows

by Björn Frostell
21 February 2024

Lecture 3: Energy
by Lars Rydén and Zavkiddin Mirtoshev
28 February 2024

Lecture 4: Climate Change
by Lars Rydén
6 March 2024

Lecture 5: Ecosystems, Land Use, Agriculture, Forestry, Biodiversity
by Lars Rydén and Farkhod Akhrorov
13 March 2024

Lecture 6: Global Water Policies — Water and Water Cooperation in Central Asia
by Bo Libert
20 March 2024


Lecture 7: Water Use and Management — Cleaner Production
by Björn Frostell and Abror Gadaev
27 March 2024

Lecture 8: The Aral Sea
by Yusup Kamalov and Vadim Sokolov
3 April 2024

Lecture 9: Water Use and Management — Agriculture and Sanitation
by Lars Hylander and Abror Gadaev
17 April 2024

Lecture 10: Urbanization; The Sustainable City
by Lars Rydén and Rustam Eshniyazov
24 April 2024

Lecture 11: A Culture of Mobility: Means of Mobility: Energy of Mobility
by Björn Frostell and JizPI
1 May 2024

Lecture 12: Sustainable Lifestyles and the Dilemma of Economic Growth
by Lars Rydén and Farkhod Akhrorov
8 May 2024

BUP Sustainable Development Course
10a. Economy and ecology – a single system
10b. The dilemma of economic growth
10c. Tools for approaching a sustainable economy


Lecture 13: Quantification of Sustainability; Measuring Resource Flows
by Björn Frostell and Khusniddin Pardaev
15 May 2024

Lecture 14: The Process of Individual Change
by Lars Rydén
22 May 2024


Lecture 15: Discussion and Conclusion
by Rustam Eshniyazov and All Universities
29 May 2024


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